Board of Governors

NICET's Board of Governors meets twice each year to set strategic goals and establish operating policies for NICET. Seven of the Board members are knowledgeable in the fields of engineering and engineering technology, while the eighth represents the general public.

Board members are selected through a multi-faceted nomination process. In response to vacancy announcements issued by NICET, the Interest Groups of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) and other engineering societies nominate three candidates from the field of engineering. The Institute accepts nominations for the four engineering technology candidates from the American Society of Certified Engineering Technicians and other technician and technologist membership organizations. Self-nominations by NICET certificants and NSPE members are also accepted. After reviewing nominees' credentials, including industry experience, and other organization activity, current Board members make a recommendation to NSPE's President, who makes the final appointments. A term on the Board lasts three years, and Board members may serve up to two consecutive terms.

Michael Aiken, PE
Aurora, CO

Curtis A. Beck, PE
Hilo, HI

Linda Biernacki
Shreveport, LA

Christie Anderson
Mt. Pleasant, IA

Randall Over, PE
Middleburg Heights, OH

Paul Inferrera, SET
Navassa, NC

David Madole, CT, SET
Austin, TX

Susan Sprague, PE
NSPE Treasurer
York, PA 

Glenn Waite
St. George, UT