Accessing your Online Record

Email regarding your NICET account is sent from nicet-noreply@useclarus.com

NICET’s online candidate portal is designed to allow frequent, timely, and transparent communication between NICET and certification candidates and certification holders. It only works when customers get the messages and can login. To help ensure delivery of automated and direct message notification please make sure nicet-noreply@useclarus.com is an approved/trusted/acceptable sender in your email service. If you are using a work email address you might have to contact your IT department or helpdesk to make this change.

Logging In
Everyone that has applied, tested, or created an online account has an online record. Logging in requires you to enter the email address in your NICET record and corresponding password. If you have trouble logging in, please use the Forgot Password function to receive login information. Look for a message from nicet-noreply@useclarus.com and make sure it is an approved/trusted/acceptable sender in your email service. You may have to check your junk/spam folders. If you still experience trouble logging in please Contact Us by phone or email.

This newsletter and your online record are separate systems. Changing your contact preference in one will not affect the other.