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Video Security Systems

You have arrived at the place for video security system pros — the source of information about NICET's newest certification program.

Video Security Systems certification is provided in two tracks: one for Technicians and one for Designers. They have been carefully constructed over several years, with the help of three industry associations, five major manufacturers, dozens of expert volunteers, and hundreds of survey respondents and beta testers. Now they are ready:

  • Technicians and Designers can distinguish themselves and their qualifications.
  • Employers can hire and promote with greater confidence, and market the quality of their people.
  • End-users can have the assurance that those who design, install, and service their systems have met a nationally-based set of qualifications.

Please select a track below for more program information:

NICET is grateful to the following organizations, whose concern for quality led them to support and provide resources for the development of this certification program.

This program was developed with major support from:

Security Industry Association


Additional support was provided by:



Support for certification-development meetings was provided by:


The people who provided their time and expertise to develop this program are listed here as Development Volunteers