NICET Policies

Established by the Board of Governors, the following policies dictate the Institute's operating procedures. Policies are subject to change.

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combined with Policy 15 – October 2020
1. Complaints Against Applicants and Certificants
2. Handling of Certification Process Irregularities
3. Release of Confidential Applicant/Certificant Information
6. Certification at Level IV
7. Distribution of NICET Lists
8. Examination Question Security
9. Status of Examination Requirement Completion
10. Effective Date for NICET Documents, Rules, and Fees
11. Certification Criteria Effective Date
12. Fees
13. Certification Eligibility - Citizenship
14. Qualifying Work Experience
15. Exam Application
17. Recommendation Validity
18. Examination by Special Arrangement
19. Accommodations for Examinees with Special Needs
20. Retesting of Failed Exams
21. Testing of Crossover Work Elements
22. Release of Examination Results
23. Posting of Crossover Credit to Test History
24. Exam Rescheduling combined with Policy 15 – October 2020
26.Deletion of Testing Records
27. Copying of Completed Forms
28. Seals and Stamps
29. Processing of Test Scheduling Requests
30. Continuing Professional Development
31. Suspended Certification Status
32. NICET Certification And The Practice Of Engineering
33. Work Experience Credit For Engineering Technology Degree
34. NICET Trademark and Copyright Protection
35. Applicant Identification
36. Verification of Job Performance
37. Test Composition and Time Limits
38. E-Commerce Authorization
39. Denial/Suspension/Revocation of Certification and/or Denial of Recertification